Some of the ways we provide professional to care for your feet

Children’s podiatry

Active growing feet can be injured by sports or badly fitted school shoes

Ingrown toenail non-invasive treatment

Now there's a painless, effective correction for most ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenail surgery

Avoid the pain and potential infection with fast, effective treatment

SWIFT wart removal

Our microwave wart removal system is safe, fast, clean & effective

Senior foot care

Healthy feet allow active senior years

Our podiatrists at The Foot Group assist athletes to deal with many kinds of sports injuries

Sports podiatry

Sports injuries need professional attention by a podiatrist

Dry needling

Fine needles relieve trigger points, relax muscles and reduce pain

Diabetic foot care

To keep your feet healthy, assessment can anticipate and address issues

Biomechanical assessment

We analyse precisely how patients are moving and the problems it may cause

Advanced custom orthotics at The Foot Group

Foot orthotics

Orthotics provide proper support for the foot and relief for many symptoms

Footwear advice

Avoid the problems caused by poor-fitting or old footwear