Our podiatrists

Qualified, expert, experienced professional staff

Podiatry focuses on the medical care of the foot and ankle, and how their function affects the postural alignment of the whole body. At The Foot Group, we support the expertise, experience, qualifications and passion of our podiatrists with the latest innovative technology and techniques.

Our podiatrists are all university-qualified, have over 40 years of combined experience and are members of the Australian Podiatry Association, Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Sports Medicine Australia and Diabetes Australia.

The Foot Group comprises:

Andrew Scown

Bachelor of Podiatry

Andrew studied podiatry in New Zealand, graduating in 1992, and received an Award for Excellence in diagnosis, orthotic design and manufacture. He has worked in numerous multi-discipline clinics and sports medicine centres both in Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew established Lane Cove Foot Clinic in 2000 which, following the establishment of The Foot Group in Brookvale in 2010, is now the Lane Cove clinic of The Foot Group.

Andrew is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association, Australasian Academy of Sports Medicine and Sports Medicine Australia.

Spencer Deck, podiatrist at The Foot Group, Lane Cove and Brookvale

Spencer Deck

Bachelor of Podiatry

Spencer studied a Bachelor of Podiatry at the University of Newcastle. As a rugby player he has always had a particular interest in sports biomechanics and the pathomechanics leading to injuries such as heel pain, forefoot deformities, ingrown toenails, arch pain, ankle pathologies, shin splints and knee pain.

Spencer has worked in both private and public sectors as a podiatrist and brings with him a wealth of knowledge concerning the diabetic foot, adult and paediatric orthotic therapy and the diagnoses and management of musculoskeletal injury. With two years at The Athletes Foot as a Fit Technician, Spencer understands the technicalities of footwear and its importance in ensuring correct foot function.

Spencer joined our team at the Lane Cove clinic in 2016.

Rose Saunders, podiatrist at The Foot Group, Lane Cove and Brookvale

Rose Saunders

Bachelor of Podiatry

Rose is a graduate of University of Newcastle and is currently undertaking post-graduate study for Endorsement in Scheduled Medicines (prescribing rights). Drawn to podiatry to help people of all ages find relief from their foot pain, Rose has a keen interest in paediatric podiatry. She has held various volunteer roles in child-related organisations and, with younger siblings herself, Rose connects well with young children, appreciating their need to be on their feet and active.

Biomechanics and lower limb function are also areas of special interest for Rose.

As a keen baker, cooking and decorating cakes and baked goods occupies Rose in her spare time. Luckily, The Foot Group team are always happy to taste test!

Carissa Lee, podiatrist at The Foot Group, Lane Cove and Brookvale

Carissa Lee

Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine

Carissa graduated from Western Sydney University and received the Phillip Vasyli Orthoses Excellence Award for most outstanding student in podiatry practice in 2022.

Partially growing up in Singapore, Carissa was exposed to many foot concerns within her immediate family, and suffered multiple ankle injuries herself from high school netball. This drew Carissa to podiatry as her interest was sparked in understanding the lower limb mechanics to prevent injury recurrence.

Carissa is always striving to improve each patient’s quality of life every step of the way and tailors their management plan according to their lifestyle requirements. Specifically, she enjoys diabetic foot care, ingrown toenail removal and delving into the biomechanics of the lower limb. Carissa’s gentle, compassionate and approachable nature ensures patients feel comfortable and reassured.

On her days off, Carissa is currently picking up tennis lessons. Otherwise she would most likely be on nature walks, hiking or at the driving range.

Sophie Prat, podiatrist at The Foot Group

Sophie Prat

Diplome d’Etat de podologie (National Diploma of Podiatry)

Sophie qualified as a podiatrist in Paris, France and was the first French podiatrist to have her qualification recognised in Australia by AHPRA.

She has over 13 years’ experience in providing general podiatric treatment to a diverse range of patients from children to seniors. She has a gentle and thorough approach and enjoys every aspect of podiatry from removal of corns and calluses to treatment of plantar warts, conservative ingrown toenail treatment as well as fungal toenail treatment.

In her spare time Sophie enjoys the outdoors, keeping fit and skiing.

Amanda Conley

Bachelor of Advanced Science (UNSW)
Master of Chiropractic (Macquarie)

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience as a chiropractor treating within a multidisciplinary team. She has extensively used low-level laser therapy in her practice to promote healing.

After breaking her ankle in 2022, Amanda embarked on a challenging process of recovery and rehabilitation that is still ongoing. This has led her to explore more deeply the use of laser therapy and in particular, foot and ankle mobility.

At The Foot Group Amanda combines her chiropractic experience with laser therapy to focus on the foot, ankle and lower limb, complementing the treatment provided by our podiatry team. Amanda’s work includes the treatment of arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, wound healing, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Amanda is a member of Chiropractic Australia and the Australian Medical Photobiomodulation Association (AMPA).