Some of the more common issues we see in our patients


A bulging big toe joint may be unsightly and cause pain but it can be treated


An inflammed bursa is a very common cause of foot pain

Corns and callus

Two different problems, both caused by friction on the skin of the foot

Plantar fasciitis

Sharp, stabbing pain in the heel is often caused by "heel spur"

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common complaints we see in our The Foot Group clinics in northern Sydney

Ingrown toenails

Avoid the pain and potential infection with fast, effective treatment

Our podiatrists treat fungal nails at The Foot Group Brookvale and Lane Cove, northern Sydney NSW

Fungal nails

An infection under the toenail can cause it to discolour and split

Knee pain

That pain around and under your knee cap has a number of possible causes

We treat sprained ankles at The Foot Group Lane Cove and Brookvale in the north of Sydney

Ankle sprains

The most common cause of ankle pain

Plantar warts

Lesions caused by a virus called HPV

Children’s heel pain

A common complaint suffered by primary school children

Lower back pain

The pain in your lower back may be due to poor foot alignment