Plantar warts

Lesions caused by a virus called HPV

What are the symptoms of warts?

A wart can sometimes be mistaken for a corn, and vice versa, as both look like hard skin and both can cause pain. However a wart tends to be crustier, with a “cauliflower” texture, and removing its top layer often causes pinpoint bleeding and shows lumps of white tissue.

What is a wart?

Warts (called plantar warts when occurring on the foot) are lesions located in the outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis. Our skin is a great barrier to foreign, harmful substances, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. But small openings in the skin become portals of entry for these harmful substances.

Warts form when human papilloma virus (HPV) enters the skin. The virus invades the skin cells and establishes its own blood supply network, while dodging the surveillance of the body’s immune system – making them difficult to get rid of.

How do our podiatrists treat plantar warts?

At The Foot Group we use the innovative SWIFT microwave therapy system with a very high success rate and low discomfort levels for our clients.

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